I am a respective historian and, now, I am doing Master of History at the Australian National University. It is a proud, but it will be useless if I am doing nothing. Well, just considering what I want to be in the future as most people hope from me. I have to decide soon, if not, I am no more than dust in the wind.

To began a decision, I have to tell you all that I want to be a lecturer as well as a historian. Both careers can be running in the same time because I will teach history. However, being a lecture is not the same as a historian. The latter shows a more productive professional in which he/she should keep writing and doing research. And I should do that.

Now, the problem comes up in my mind is ‘what kind of specialisation I will do?’. That is not easy question, while I have many interests in various discussion of history. Well, to be honest, I do like cultural history in which I can explore historical events on musics, ancient tradition, popular culture at a particular period, and film. Those subjects I really keen on. Furthermore, just crossing in my mind recently that I want to focus on criminal history in Indonesia. Such a subject has not been discussed yet by many historians, so I still have a big opportunity to focus on it.

Well, that is all. Thank you. And, wish me luck!

Canberra, 11-11-2016

Wina Sumiati



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