Deirdre Keenan explains in this book that human race, based on conclusion from scientists, influenced by geographical adaptation and natural selection. Although generally belief is hold by most mankind in the world that Adam was the first human who preceded mankind.

Keenan takes an analogy about gender with race. For her, the concept of race leads to violent because here the differences among groups or society are shown off and make a minority become outsiders. As I quote, the writer concludes that race which is defined as a highly contested representation of relations of power between social categories by which individuals are identified and identify themselves.

The relationship between race and gender is inseparable. According to Liu, at the first time, race means common substance passed from father to son. Such a definition was made to protect patriarchal rule and patrilineal descent which lead to maintain political power and economic entitlement for male. Then, the difference between man and woman appeared here.

Ditulis di Cisompet, Diunggah di Tanggerang

28 Juni 2016


Wina Sumiati


Tanggapi disini ya... ^_^

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