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Today, MetroTV reports a case of violence committed by baby sitter. Mutiyah (23), a suspect, is from Lampung who works as babysitter in Jakarta for three years, exactly in Fitria Foundation. However, during that period of work, she is never reported for domestic violence. This is the first time when the mother of victim got an evidence of abuse done by Mutiyah toward her baby in CCTV, and directly on May 29 2016 the case is in police investigation.

Based on CCTV spreading online, the suspect maltreats the baby who would not sleep. The possibility which cause this abuse is tiring. This is because in that time the babysitter was cleaning up the bedroom. However, whatever the reason, this case is already in police office. So, willy-nilly, the suspect has to follow the rule.

To response this case, a staff who is in charge in Fitria Foundation admitted that they recruit the workers based on several steps and tests, including checking historical background of a candidate, completing identity, and testing to measure a candidate’s salary.

According to social observer Devie Rahmawati, domestic violence can be caused by several reasons. Firstly, those who work as babysitter is uneducated people who have no knowledge to look after babies. Thus, it is important if the foundation recruits the worker who has experience to have babies. Furthermore, the low salary of babysitter also is indicated as the factor which causes them to do the job with no heart. This has to be solved by imposing standard salary for the babysitter because, based on her observation, more than 72% of babysitters do not earn deserved salary.

Besides, it could not be forgotten that police, as law upholding, has to socialize and insist about the consequence of domestic violence. This is very crucial to decrease the case of such a criminality.


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