This morning, MetroTV news informs about a new case of rape happened in Banten, Indonesia. This crime was committed by juvenile who just accomplished their High School. Of course, most societies never think this kind of case will happen again because several weeks ago, President Joko Widodo imposed castration (kebiri) as penalty for those who commit rape.

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The emergence of this case does not mean that decision of castration is meaningless and useless. Socialization about such a horrifying penalty is highly likely unsuccessful to touch all circles of society. Informing society about government decision is very important to disseminate. Without this, effort to decrease criminality will not work because not all societies will be fear.

Perhaps, the discussion about rape and penalty only happen amongst educated people and upper-middle class society. Meanwhile, lower class society just focused on their daily activities to earn money. Thus, it is not surprising that most parents who come from the last circle do not know about the information and ignore to oversee their children.

This gap will not find its point if government is not aware that poverty, less religious understanding, and uneducated people close to criminality. It means that socialization about castration should be completed by the way to solve and, at least, decrease the criminal case.

First and foremost, religious understanding has to be implanted started in young ages. Parents, in this case, contribute great influence for their children to join religious activities which give positive mindset for them. Commonly, a teacher (ustadz) will teach their students how to behave properly in society.

Prosperity, as the second solution, is a dream for every people in the world. Societal prejudice claims that upper class society is far from criminality because their necessities are already met. However, this is not easy to gain prosperity on condition that people just prefer to be civil servant rather than entrepreneur. Success of entrepreneur might be equal with its risk. And most people in the world prefer to choose the latter. Although we have realized that an entrepreneur can solve the problem of unemployment. Consequently, poverty is a common sight today.

Last but not least, education is a bridge to be wise and far from immorality. Rape, as immoral crime, is judged as uneducated deed. Those who behave as an intellect will not commit crime. On the contrary, educated people will try to give the best for their future and think twice about what they do.

In conclusion, government effort to solve rape is not enough without all people’s cooperation. Family, as the first medium of person, has to be organized to educate its members well.


Cisompet, 31 May 2016

Written by,


Wina Sumiati


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