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Education is the considerable aspect of life which is recognized as the way to achieve success. However, some people argue that nowadays it is manipulated as part of economic interest which I think that the argument is not entirely true.

The emergence of industrial revolution is undoubtedly considered as the milestone of manipulated education in this era which impacts to some phenomena. First and foremost, higher schooling is used as the easy way to get the appropriate job for most modern students. In this way, people do not enjoy their learning process as the step to enlarge their knowledge, but to obtain the certificates to sustain their careers in the future. Furthermore, education is the same as selling products which are the more people are wealthy, the more they can get the outstanding educational institutions easily. This problem has widened the gap between high and low society which exacerbates the economic and literate rates, particularly, in the developing country. Consequently, many poor people cannot acquire their education as the others.

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However, I believe that the condition of education recently has shown the better appearance. The accelerating of scholarship and free tuition fee, either in elementary school or university, indicate that education is not intended to vested interests. Many people in Indonesia, for instance, have enrolled their learning process to the higher steps of education because many scholarships provided either by government or non-government scholarships, such as Bidik Misi, Presidensial, and LPDP. Besides, many programs of education which are undertaken by educational and social volunteers referred to people in the remote areas. The real evidence has been conducted in Indonesia where some students from the different universities are recruited to be volunteers of Indonesia Mengajar. As the result, most people in all regions can gain the qualified education from the remakable students.

In short, it seems to me that all students, as the agent of change, should turn their point of view that the aim of education is not solely for obtaining their bright careers, but it is the way to progress the development of the country in all aspects, including economic and social.



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