Being English learner from a country which uses English as the second language is a challenge. It is because I have to study hard and take a course to the Master of English to know deeply about English. I, as many Indonesian people who are still difficult to learn English, have some problems in learning English, including listening, new vocabulary, and speaking. Relating to those, here I will share you an experience about NEW VOCABULARY which I have found on CNN News online.

Reading some articles per day is very important to enrich our vocabulary. As I do (almost) everyday, I try to use to read news from CNN which makes me know many vocabulary. It works because while we can obtain new words, it also trains us to improve our reading in English. Some vocabulary that I have found, for instance, retaliate (repay), beef up (make something stronger), malware (one of software which makes damage), intercede, amount to, and crank up (to increase something).

At first, the word of beef up makes me confused. I just know that beef is kind of meats which becomes favorite for every people. However, after I looked for in some dictionaries, the meaning of beef has many various words, not solely kind of meats. In Cambridge Dictionary, for example, beef is not only ‘noun’, but also ‘verb’ which Beef (something) up means ‘make something stronger’. In addition, Oxford records that the word of beef (without attaching ‘up’) means complain.

Many new vocabulary that I get because I read articles on CNN News. Unfortunately, the problem about vocabulary which I cannot avoid is remembrance (memory?). I often find many vocabulary, but I forget it again. This is probably because I use that vocabulary in my speaking or writing rarely. The usage of ‘academic’ or ‘formal’ vocabulary is really difficult to be used. This is because in my daily life, I always use English for common or informal situation. However, forgeting vocabulary does not mean my English cannot increase at all. Contrastly, day after day my Englsih improves frecquently. For example, I can read some English books and articles easyly. It is amazing progress.

In short, to enlarge our vocabulary we need to read some articles in online news, particularly CNN News. Finding new vocabulary can help us to know English deeply because we know that English is very important language in the world. Although we always forget to memorize new vocabulary, it does not mean we cannot improve our English ability. As the solution, to save our new words, we have to practice it by speaking, writing, and listening.

Good Luck!!


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