22 Dec 2014

An up-date news about the postponing of releasing the film entitled The Interview by Sony Picture becomes the hot-news today. The considerable reason is the breaking on the picture which is alleged because of the hack from North Korea. That charge probably because contain of film is deemed as the mocking toward the leader of North Korea. However, because of that problem, I am doing curious to watch that film immediately.

Firstly, around two days ago I tried to open CNN News online to read articles or up-date information today. The earlier intention to read those was to improve my English skills, but when I read the quarrel between the United States with N.Korea, I became curious to know more. In CNN News, definitely, the news about that case has been recorded in some articles. Those articles explained about the cause of problem, misunderstanding, and the denying of North Korea toward the charge.

As a result, after I know more about the problem, I am not patient to wait it. I just want to know how American produces a film which is alleged about the mocking of North Korea. By watching that film while analyzing it, we will know the expression of American people toward their opposite ‘North Korea’. Without forgetting contain of vested interests, we can analyze the film from some sides, including politic, economy, and ideology.

However, I just can still guess contain because I do not know the film completely. In short, let us wait “THE INTERVIEW” which will cure our curiosity today. I hope that film is not disappointed!




  1. Filmnya banyak omongan sih, apalagi setengah film. Yang serunya petualangan Dave sama Aaron (orang dari Skylark) di korea utara yang keren. Pokoknya tonton aja dah fimnya dan rasakan twistnya diakhir cerita.

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